St. Patrick's Breastplate (extended)
Version: 6.7.7 Release Date: 18 May 2018

St. Patrick's Breastplate incorporating harmonizations from Ralph Vaughan Williams and Charles Villiers Stanford, plus our own original descant. For audio demo, click the blue tab at right.


A comprehensive, seven-verse arrangement of the Lorica, opening with the Ralph Vaughan Williams harmonization, and then incorporating the work of Charles Villiers Stanford, who created the original setting, which he adapted from traditional sources. The Stanford verses here have been conflated from his nine-verse setting (1912), and adapted for typical use in the US, where congregations are usually enthusiastic participants in hymn singing. The following is based on Hymnal 1982:


v1 Congregation unison - RVW
2-Congregation unison -
3-Congregation Treble > Men > All - Stanford
4-Choir SATB (descant) - Stanford

5-Congregation unison - Stanford
6-Congregation / Choir SATB - DEIDRE
7-Congregation / Descant - Maurand
(Intro and bridge, ad lib. available upon request.)