Descant to the hymn tune HELMSLEY. Free score with harmonized descant, choir part, instrumental passages, and SATB a cappella verse. Score available with parts for brass quintet and timpani. Free score. 

The tune HELMSLEY, though usually attributed to mid-1700's figures Augustine Arne or Thomas Olivers, was actually in established use prior to either writer, already with one of several variants of the hymn "Lo, he comes with clouds descending." As it so often happens, the current harmonization for the 1906 English Hymnal by Ralph Vaughan Williams establishes this tune and text pairing for all time, providing it with the majesty the text demands. The text originates in a 1750 hymn/poem by John Cennick, a land surveyor who became a Moravian preacher. The text was adapted (and largely rewritten) by Charles Wesley and subsumed into the Methodist movement, the first Wesleyan version appearing in 1758. Several revisions and iterations of the text were undertaken, some by Wesley, some by others which have merged back in some of Cennick's original language.

[Instrumental version available: If you are interested in a version of this for five part brass and timpani, with prologue and bridge. Use the contact form to obtain a link via return email to an audio demo; and more information.]


Updated (overhauled): Dec 2015, minor updates Nov 2018, Jun 2019

Set includes organ score for prologue and descant, with separate choir parts for the a cappella verse and descant.


Yea, amen! Let all adore thee,
high on thine eternal throne;

Savior, take the power and glory;
claim the kingdom for thine own:

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Thou shalt reign, and thou alone.


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