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Sine Nomine / Thaxted Combination

Both arrangements are for string quartet, harp, oboe, French horn, and timpani to acompany your congregation, choir, and organ for requiem / memorial services.


Audition THAXTED

Special Package

For all the saints /
O God beyond all praising

Covers HymnDescants allcreatures fx 250
Covers HymnDescants lasstuns fx2 250

Includes downloadable score, parts, and charts for organ, instrumentalists, and choir for both pieces. Almost all of the additional price is for the license we pay to include the Michael Perry text that is integral to THAXTED.


This special package combines both arrangements for eight-piece ensemble of string quartet, harp, oboe, french horn, and timpani - full score and parts - to accompany congregation, choir, and organ. The scores are roduced in 11 x 8.5 landscape for roomier layout that includes more music per page, larger typography, and easy page turns.

How do I bind 11 x 8.5 pages?

Something like this cost $10 at Staples August 2023. (You can check out as guest and do not need to create an account there.)

SineNomine score bound cover